ATR Med Ball Storage


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Stray Dog ATR’s are a systematic approach to auxiliary work, that has a mindset of a rack station and the utility of a swiss army knife.

Key Features

  • Connect ATR sides with this connector
  • “V” Style tray to store all types and sizes of med balls
  • ATR med ball storage is shown in black in second image, gray parts are not included

SKU: 1083-43 or 1083-60 or 1083-72


Length: 43″ or 60″ or 72″     Width: 11″     Height: 7″

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Additional information

Frame Color

Red, Yellow Gold, Orange, Golden Sun, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Dark Green, White, Silver, Black Texture, Gloss Black

Upholstery Color

Orange, Red, Purple, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Dark Green, Burgandy, Black, Gray