Landmine Belt Squat


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New Product! Order before 4/12/20 to get your belt squat painted in any of our standard colors for no additional charge or minimum order quantity.

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Key Features

  • Turns any landmine into a lever style belt squat
  • 14” of ground clearance allows you to squat to full depth with out a platform
  • 16.5” long weight peg allow up to 11 plates to be loaded on (495 lbs)
  • Weight peg folds down during storage
  • Spud inc. belt squat belt included
  • Chain included to adjust height for different users
  • Hook allows the belt to be attached and removed quickly
  • Black texture powder coat orders of 5 or more can be painted any color

**Requires one 1/4” hole to be drilled into landmine for included pin**


In Use: Length: 55″ Width: 16.5″ Height: 35″

In Storage: Length: 12″ Width: 16.5″ Height: 55″

SKU: SD 250

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