Original Wrestling Sled


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This sled was originally developed with Alex Picazo the head strength coach for The Ohio State University wrestling team in 2013. It allows for an easy way for wrestlers to train both strength and conditioning without leaving the mat. Our sled is used by division one wrestling programs like Ohio State, Michigan, Edinboro and West Virginia.

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Key Features

  • 1/4” Thick steel construction allows
    this sled to weigh 84lb empty
  • Removable carpet to allow it easily
    slide across wrestling mats or
    basketball courts
  • Large eye bolts on both sides allow
    straps and ropes to be attached
  • 12.5” tall weight peg allows the sled
    to be loaded up to 350 lb
  • Symmetric design allows the sled to
    be pushed or pulled the same from
    both directions
  • Color and logo options available
  • Carpet included


Length: 29″     Width: 23″     Height: 16″

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