Titan Double Half Rack


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Key Features

  • 3”x3” 11 gage USA steel upright posts
  • 2”x3” 11 gage USA steel base that does not need to be mounted to the floor
  • Angled weight storage to increase stability and easier loading and unloading of weights
  • Zinc plated weight pegs: 6×8” long and 4×12” long
  • Angled chin knurled chin up with neutral grip
  • Custom 12”x43” banner brace for your school’s logo
  • Bar cups with UHMW plastic for bar protection
  • Plastic lined bar cups and spotter arms
  • Two bar storage’s
  • Four “Anchor” style storage hooks
  • Storage for spotter arms
  • Two tone paint pictured with red frame and silver accents
  • Compatible with all current Stray Dog rack attachments
  • Guaranteed to be compatible with all future Stray Dog rack

SKU: 925-4


Length: 76″     Width: 86″     Height: 100″

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Additional information

Frame Color

Red, Yellow Gold, Orange, Golden Sun, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Dark Green, White, Silver, Black Texture, Gloss Black

Upholstery Color

Orange, Red, Purple, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Dark Green, Burgandy, Black, Gray